Burger lovers beware!  Did you know there is a law on the books that it's illegal to eat hamburgers on Sunday in St. Cloud, Minnesota?  According to Delish, it's just one of many strange food laws.  I find things like this fascinating, so of course I had to dig further into the story to read about laws in different states.  Here's what I found.
New York - in a city named Greene, it's said to be illegal to eat peanuts while walking backward on the sidewalk.
Columbus, Ohio - shoppers better get ready for the weekend!  Grocery stores cannot sell corn flakes on Sunday.
Texas - you better not get caught milking someone else's cow. Apparently that can lead to a charge of dairy theft!
Virginia - if we had a law like this in Preston, it could cramp the style of some of the men who frequent B&B Bowl.  At Virginia diners, it's illegal to flip coins to see who pays for coffee.
There you have it.  Strange indeed!  But if it's on the internet, it has to be true, right?

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