Let me preface this by saying the gist of this story was not my idea.  I "borrowed" it from my co-worker Curt St. John.  He recently posted an article about the most unique holiday display in Rochester.  I knew exactly what I would write about!  Corson Law Office, located next to Preston Public Library, has an outstanding display of "Candy Land" with huge cupcakes, gift boxes and trees.  What really stood out for me was a pink pig complete with wings.
I bundled up last evening and headed out to photograph said pig.  But where was he?  I still saw the cupcakes, all the trees, strings of lights, but no pig.  Did he get broken or even worse, stolen?  Something made me look up.  There he was--proudly sitting atop the roof! Proof positive that pigs do fly, at least in Preston!  Take a drive and check it out for yourself.


 And while you're at it, be sure to vote for your favorite Preston business display.  Find all the details on the Get Hooked on Preston Facebook page.
Merry Christmas to you and yours my friends.  I hope your stocking is filled with enough peace, joy and love to last until next Christmas.

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