Minnesota could lose a congress seat after the 2020 census, according to MRP News.

The 2017 estimated census puts Minnesota about 30,500 people shy of retaining its Congress seats based on the population shifts in other parts of the country. Minnesota is competing with two states are are also projected to lose seats in New York and West Virginia, who are actually closer to keeping their current delegations.

Alabama, Colorado and Rhode Island look to be in position to add seats, and they have to come from somewhere.

There are a lot of moving parts here and Minnesota could still keep its eight seats when the 2020 census happens. That means we could see Minnesota make a big push for the census to be extremely accurate in Minnesota.

Minnesota's estimated population in 2017 was 5,576,606, which is up from the 2010 census when it read 5,457,173.

It is not out of the question for Minnesota to retain the seat, but it is in jeopardy. Minnesota has had eight seats in Congress since 1690, when it lost one. It has lost another a few decades before that.


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