This tiny town takes their turtle racing seriously! They even close down a street for it to happen!

Longville Chamber of Commerce via Facebook
Longville Chamber of Commerce via Facebook

Located about an hour south-east of Bemidji, the tiny town of Longville holds the title of "Turtle Racing Capital of the World"! I did not believe this at first, when I learned about Longville on Twitter from one of my friends but after further research, this town is serious about it's turtle racing. According to, Longville has been hosting the turtle races every Wednesday at 12:30pm in the summer for the last 40 years! The best part is, you don't even have to own a turtle to enter in the races, they give you the opportunity to rent one!

With a total population of 150, Longville is a very tiny and close nit town. Honestly, I want to go visit the town now just to go watch some turtle racing! To learn more about the history of Longville and the Turtle races, you can click here!

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