Well, here's a human Mr. Potato Head.

Doctors in China have grown an ear on a man's arm. The man, identified as Mr. Ji, lost his ear in a car wreck and doctors took cartilage from his ribs to help grow the ear, which was shaped into the organ and placed inside his arm. Don't worry -- the ear isn't going to stay in his arm and serve as some weird hearing device in that part of the body (it's not like an IV drip that feeds you through an arm instead of your mouth). Eventually, it will be moved to where his ear is supposed to be.

The process of getting the ear onto the head occurs in three stages and doctors recently completed the second one. They will wait while the ear grows before placing it on Mr. Ji's head. That's expected to occur in about three or four months.

The doctor heading up this unlikely procedure has experience (he'd better -- do you really want a first-timer growing body parts inside you like a Chia Pet?). Back in 2006, he was responsible for performing China's first face transplant.

Let's just go ahead and get the bad joke out of the way, then, shall we? Here it goes: please join us as we honor this medical feat by giving three "ears" for the doctor.

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