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We all binge-watched a LOT of TV during the pandemic the past year, but did you happen to watch the most popular guilty-pleasure series in Minnesota?

It's hard to believe it's been a year already that we've been dealing with the pandemic. In some ways, it seems like it was just yesterday when things were shutting down and we had to start working from and staying at home. But, then again, it also seems like it's been a million years already that we've had to change sooo many aspects of your lives, doesn't it?

One of the things that we all seemed to do more of during the past year was binge-watch TV-- because what else WAS there to do, right? In fact, this new survey from Sykes.com said Minnesotans spent a LOT time binge-watching last year:

A majority of our respondents reported watching at least three hours of streaming content a day (38% on weekdays, and 48% on weekends), which translates to a minimum of 45 days of streaming a year!

And just what shows or series were we binge-watching the most? The survey goes on to list the Most Popular Guilty Pleasure Series during the pandemic here in Minnesota, and at the top of the list is...

The Tiger King! Nearly 38 percent of respondents said they watched that series while we were stuck at home during the past year, the survey noted. Also making the list of the Top 5 Most Popular Pandemic Guilty Pleasure Series was The Mandalorian (29%), Ozark (27%), The Crown (27%) and Emily in Paris (19%). I can say that while my wife and watched Ozark and Emily in Paris, we never did get around to checking out The Tiger King.

Meanwhile, the survey also compiled a list of the Top 5 Pandemic Comfort Series, and Friends topped the list, with 31 percent of respondents saying they watched that classic 90's sitcom. Also on that list were The Office (27%), The Simpsons (26%), Schitt's Creek (24%), and Grey's Anatomy (21%).

And speaking of movie and TV series, did you know that several big productions have been filmed right here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes? Keep scrolling to check out 10 different movies that were shot on-location here in Minnesota!

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