Ben and I hung out at Dairy Night on the Farm this past Saturday, and it was a TON of fun! With great people, great food and an amazing dairy farm to tour. 103.1 KFIL had an absolute blast!

Dairy Night on the Farm also had inflatables for the kids to play on, some delicious ice cream, and an incredible atmosphere!

A big thanks to Johnson's Rolling Acres for hosting this year, and a big thank you to all of our sponsors for allowing us to head to Dairy Night on the Farm and hang out with some amazing people!

Ben and I got to chat with some great people including Dairy Royalty, members of the Fillmore County ADA and some of the Johnson family!

There was also plenty of farm equipment to check out and learn more about. Overall it was an incredible experience and am happy that I got to be apart of it!

I chatted with one of the people that served the food, and he thought they served about 1,100 people! That is insane!

We hope you a ton of fun at Dairy Night on the Farm!

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