As you know, Dairy Night on the Farm was awesome. You can check out some photos from the event HERE. An estimated number of 1,100 people attended the event, which is awesome! Not only was that a ton of fun on Saturday evening, I was able to take my dad on in a round of golf near Winona.

I am not one to let my father beat me at anything. I strive my best to make sure that he can feel what defeat is like. Naturally, I decided to play really bad golf the first two holes, and he jumped out to an early lead. After 9 holes he held a 3-stroke lead, but I was able to tie things up after hole 10. (As you can tell, we are not very good).

It came down to hole 18, as I was trailing by two strokes. I had a long birdie opportunity for the win, but I JUST missed the putt. I then proceeded to miss the short par putt and lost by one.

Yes, I am terrible.

It was a ton of fun though, and I always enjoy spending the day with my dad on the golf course. We didn't play very well, but it was still an incredible time! The golf course was packed with fathers and their families. It was pretty cool to see everyone with the families enjoying the day, and nobody was too crabby from poor play, which makes the day even better. After all, it is just golf!

What did you do this Father's Day Weekend?

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