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ICYMI: Red Wing Shoes, a Southeast Minnesota business, got a shoutout in one of the latest songs recorded by country music star, Morgan Wallen.

The album,' Dangerous: The Double Album’ was officially released last week.  This was after a little situation with Walmart releasing his album early (yep...it happened).  As I was listening and dancing around in my kitchen to Morgan Wallen's latest album, I didn't even catch the reference he made to a shop that is based right here in Southeast Minnesota.  Luckily, Hanisch Bakery and Coffee Shop in Red Wing pointed it out on their Facebook page.

...and now we know what type of boots Morgan Wallen wears.

Many people think Minnesota is just about snow and mosquitos, but our great state of Minnesota is no stranger to fame.  Check out all of the movies below where Minnesota is part of the action.

10 Movies Filmed in Minnesota

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