The Twins don't go after superstars in free agency. They just don't. Never have, never will. That was until Buster Onley name-dropped the Twins as a possible suitor for Bryce Harper or even Manny Machado.

Throughout the Twins history, they have been known to spend small in free agency, and let their farm system do the heavy lifting. Joe Mauer's contract is off the books and it looked like a possible free agency of spending for the Twins. That was until free agency kicked off and the Twins have been pretty tight with their money.

Now, as the Twins wait in the wings, the Bryce Harper has popped into the heads of media members has a possible destination for the slugger. You can find out here, from, where Onley name drops the Twins as a possible landing spot for either superstar.

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Here, from Bleacher Report, you can see they have the Twins pegged as a team that could be waiting in the wings to sign either player.

No local beat-writers have said anything about Harper or Machado coming to Minnesota. It doesn't even sound like either player has taken a meeting with the Twins. Yet, when the national writers are saying it is possible it puts that idea into the heads of Twins fans...but we all know how this one ends.

Also, Harper and Machado would demand $30 million a year, that just doesn't seem fitting for the Twins.

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