A forum discussing CWD with the goal of cleaning up any misinformation bout CWD is coming to Southeast Minnesota.

Bluffland Whitetails is hosting the free event that will give a first-hand update on the management strategies being implemented, updated research on CWD and field questions from area citizens.

The forum is set for Saturday, October 20th from 5-8pm at the Willow Creek Middle School in Rochester. The forum includes a panel of CWD experts including Lou Cornicelli from the Minnesota DNR, Bryan Richards, a CWD program leader from USGS, Nick Pinizzotto, the President of the National Deer Alliance and many more.

The goal of the forum is to field questions and give area citizens a better idea of what CWD is, and how it affects us. It is a combination of how it is affected in Minnesota and Iowa and what each state is doing to prevent it.

Those who can't attend the event will also be able to watch the forum on Bluffland Whitetails' Facebook Page.

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