I was just out to get some groceries last week, when I began re-living my childhood. There are all kinds of things that have been brought back in the past couple years.

First off, Crispy M&M's. In the late 1990s, these delightful treats were put on the shelves. T


hey lasted until 2005, before being brought back a decade later. I remember being in Mankato and the excitement for these. M&M's were always a favorite of mine, although these days they seem to be going over the top with every flavor imaginable.

Next, I saw the French Toast Crunch. The French Toast Crunch box doesn't have the cartoon man pouring syrup on french toast anymore, but it is still a great blast from the past, that came back in 2015 after nine years away.


Now comes something I had not seen on store shelves until this summer. Oreo O's! I could always just eat cookies for breakfast by just eating the cookies, but this is so much cooler! It's almost like Cheerios but probably less healthy, with more sugar! If I remember correctly, I got a prize in a box of Oreo O's back in the day that helped me search for


something on some "1 Saturday Morning" cartoon. And again, this came back 10 years after it left U.S. shelves.

After all this, what are some things you'd like to see brought back for nostalgia purposes?


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