Black Friday has started earlier and earlier each and every year it seems. From the traditional 6am start, to 4am "door busters" to midnight shopping and now stores opening at 6pm on Thanksgiving till Midnight. Now, those stores also reopen at 6am on Black Friday, too!

Now some stores will not be open on Thanksgiving, and I give them all the props in the world. It is impressive to see stores let their employees enjoy their time with their family instead of being put to work for the sake of shopping.

If you are hoping to go 'Black Friday' shopping on Thanksgiving at the Apache Mall, you can see what stores are opened and closed HERE. The Valley View Mall in LaCrosse is closed on Thanksgiving, and will not be open until 6am on Black Friday.

If you are looking for what retailers will be closed on Thanksgiving across the nation like Lowe's and Cabalas, you can check that list out HERE, courtesy of Business Insider.

Always have a plan if you are Black Friday shopping, because you never want to go shopping without a plan, especially when the deals are THAT good.

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