The legendary, mysterious, and large furry creature has made his rounds.

Blizzard Barrels Into Northeastern U.S.
Getty Images (Not the quatch in Spring Valley)

Did you know, though, that he has reportedly been seen not once, but twice, in Spring Valley?

Yeah, that's right, in Spring Valley. Now, don't start getting out the Bigfoot calls just yet. He hasn't been reported in Fillmore County for quite some time. has a list of the Bigfoot sightings all over the place, so I will get right into the sightings in Spring Valley

The first was in May of 2002

There was a family that was camping, and the son noticed what looked like a caveman sitting at their campsite. Read the story.

The second was October of 2005

This one came from a hunter. That's normally how these stories happen. The hunter saw something out of the corner of his eye, describing it as " the biggest turkey he had ever seen." Read the story.

These sightings are pretty in depth, so I will let you read them. Kind of creepy though! I mean we hear about him all over the place, but not generally this close to home. In the case of people in Spring Valley, it is home. is the site, and I encourage you to head on over to it. Read a few more of the stories.

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