An ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure. That old saying applies to many things in life, especially getting ready for another Minnesota winter. The annual torment is actually pretty tolerable if you're prepared. Here are a few reminders that can save you a lot of grief. Make sure your vehicle is in good shape. Take it to a mechanic, who will check the battery, windshield wipers, wiper fluid, coolant and tires. Your humble abode should be prepared as well. Have your furnace inspected and change the filter on a regular basis. Finally, use common sense in clearing your property of snow and ice. Have a good shovel and plenty of salt. Shovel immediately, because it gets hard if you wait. That makes an easy job extremely difficult. Some of my neighbors forget, or ignore their sidewalks. Shovel and salt the sidewalk to prevent injuries. Finally, be a good neighbor and help out! It only takes a few minutes to do a little extra. They will appreciate it. Mother Nature can be cruel or kind. Don't make your mother angry!

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