Is it a baseball, or something else?

Being the social media buffs that we are here at KFIL and KVGO, we sometimes stumble upon a few things that catch our eyes.  And this one, caught mine.  Blitzball

What is it, well it's a baseball, but with a twist.  They look about the same size as a baseball, but has ridges and flat spots all over it.  You see a pitcher throw a good curve ball, and think how can they do it.  Blitzball, allows players to throw pitches just like an MLB player, but on another level.

What do I mean by that, well take a curve ball, starts at one side of the plate, goes to the other side.  Pretty cool to watch right.  A Blitzball, you can throw it at the batters back, and its coming over the plate.  That is some serious movement.

Check out the site,  See what i'm talking about.  You might just want to have a few onhand during the summer days to both wow and irritate your friends