Talk about dedication to the job! 99-year old Phil Coyne has earned his own day in Pittsburgh!

For 81 seasons, Phil Coyne has worked with the Pittsburgh Pirates as an usher. Think about that! The Pirates are now in their third stadium since Coyne starting doing work there! Forbes Field, Three Rivers Stadium, and now PNC Park have all been home to the Steel City's baseball club since Coyne joined the team. He even got to see Babe Ruth's final year!

To honor him, the city of Pittsburgh declared Tuesday "Phil Coyne Day." Phil will be 100 next year, and hopes to be right back at work. According to the article I found, only one time has Coyne not done his job. It was the 1960 World Series. Bill Mazeroski hit the home run. He wasn't about to get caught up in trying to keep fans off the field. “We were down in the front and when Maz hit the home run, I just turned around and went back. I didn't want to get killed.”

What a great life, going to ballgames for all those years. Here's to 81 more seasons, Phil!

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