Thursday night, I used some of my own equipment for baseball practice in Lanesboro. I am down one piece of lumber now. It's another Ben's fault.

Thursday night, the Lanesboro Excelsiors baseball team holds their practices (everyone is welcome to come) at 6:00 at the softball field in Lanesboro. When I showed up in town about 5 minutes late and saw nobody there, I stopped for some ice cream first. Then I saw some teammates in town asking if I was coming. A few of us were there, but the guy with the vintage baseball equipment was not.

So into the trunk I go, finding a football, a volleyball, a basketball, and finally my baseball equipment.

Broken Bat in the Dirt

We figured we would play newer style with gloves since I had a "live" ball versus the "dead ball" that is used in the vintage games. So I'm pitching, and my "curve ball" if you can call it that, was a little in Ben, and my old Mark McGwire-stamped bat was broken, splintered in two pieces.

So, then we really weren't using 1860s rules, as I got the aluminum bat out. That old wood bat got a lot of use out of it, going back to hitting home runs over the barn when I was a kid.

Eat It

So, I usually break some object at practice these days; last week it was torn jeans. So far, no broken bones. Come join us next week and see what else I can wreck!

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