You might have been affected by this then.

It is Sunday morning, the first full Sunday of football. For me, it is getting my phone out, opening up my ESPN app, and setting my fantasy football lineup. But this weekend, the app had a few problems. And I would imagine for the hardcore fantasy football player, might have made them go nuts.

This weekend, ESPN's Fantasy Football app crashed. First full Sunday of football, I can see it happening. Millions of people get into the leagues on ESPN. Picking players, rooting for players they normally wouldn't because you need that extra touchdown. Heck, I have even seen Viking fans cheering for the Packers. It gets that crazy.

I came across an article on that had all the details on the outage. Were you affected? I was, but thankfully I am one of those people who sets up my team on like Wednesday night. And in case anyone is wondering, I won this weekend. WOOOOOO!!!!!

But for the people who couldn't get in, couldn't change that one player that cost them a win, I feel for you.

But check out the article on It got to more people then you may think.