It's the perfect day for a picnic and the crowd at the open house at B&B Bowl and KBS will attest to that!  It was difficult to find a place to park my vehicle!  Cars were parked everywhere!  Up and down the street, at Preston Motor Mart, some squeezing in the parking lot at the building site between construction vehicles.  The guests were being treated to the delicious food they had come to expect from B&B Bowl.  And homemade pies and bars!  All FREE and provided by KBS and B&B Bowl.  There were hundreds of happy faces in the crowd! 

After eating lunch, you could take a walk inside the NEW B&B and get a glimpse of what is yet to come.  A very brief conversation with B&B owner, Shelly Hanson, indicated they she was afraid they were going to run out of food they had prepared to serve 240 people.  Wow!  It  doesn't surprise me that they might run out.  The entire community has been so supportive of the B&B since the New Year's Day fire, and today is no exception. Shelly and Paul Hanson and the staff of B&B Bowl thank YOU for your support.  I cannot wait to get back to work in the new, amazing B&B!  The staff of KBS and B&B Bowl thank you for making their open house a success!