As a kid growing up in Minnesota, I was very familiar with the Mighty Ducks franchise. I mean, who didn't love Charlie Conway, Adam Banks or Goldberg?

Well, for those kids who grew up idolizing these Minnesotan characters, it looks like the franchise will be making a comeback to the small screen!

Hollywood Reporter as reported that the original producers of the series are in the early stages of developing a show based on the Mighty Ducks. Now, this is in the very early stages. There is no cast connected to the script, there is no network connected to the script, and really there is just some words on paper.

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ABC Signature Studios, the cable- and streaming-focused arm of ABC Studios, declined comment on the project, which kind of makes you feel like they are really making a run at this.

How do I feel about it? Well, initially I was pumped! Who wouldn't be? But, are they going to give me all new characters? Will it be based in Minnesota? Is Gordon Bombay going to coach? So many questions, and so little answers.

All we really know is that the Quack Attack could be making a comeback!

If you forgot about the Mighty Ducks, you can check out some of the best parts here, courtesy of All The Best Parts:

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