Throughout the past few months, many different highway stretches have seen the speed limit rise, now those that take Highway 43 from Mabel to Winona will see the same.

The speed limits will become official once the new signs are in place, and crews are expected to post the new signs in the coming weeks, weather pending.

All of the existing 55 mph zones for the length of Highway 43 from Highway 44 at Mabel to the south side of Winona will be changed to 60 mph. The reduced speed zones through Rushford Village and Rushford will remain unchanged. The speed changes come after a study executed by the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

“Recommended speed limit changes come after we study each highway segment, including access points, shoulder width, roadway alignment, assess roadside hazards, crash rates and history, and analyze motorist speeds,” said Chad Hanson, traffic engineer for MnDOT District 6, in southeast Minnesota

Several highways across southeast Minnesota will be changed to 60 mph including Highway 13 north of I-90; Highway 30 from New Richland to Chatfield; Highway 56 from north of Stanton to the Iowa border; Highway 60 west of I-35 to Zumbro Falls; and Highway 247 from Highway 63 to Plainview.

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