It has been a pretty popular game on Facebook recently, but it could come back and turn into a scam before you know it.

If you haven't seen the game before, it is when a Facebook user puts 10 concerts or music artist on their Facebook page, and their friends have to guess which one is a lie. There is suppose to be nine correct answers, and one lie, but who actually has been to nine concerts?!? I mean, unless you have been to some type of festival, it has to be difficult to have been to nine concerts?

Either way, according to CBS News, when a Facebook user post one of these games on their profile, it could become a "phishing attack". What that means is that scammers could see your post, and figure out your band or music preferences, then send you a link that says "free tickets." Now, if you click that link, you could unknowingly download some malware or software that allows the scammers into your network.

Yeah, it seems like something that is totally impossible, but with how good technology is, you can never be too careful. The article also says that the best way to avoid this from happening to you is to make your profile "Friends Only" This will keep people you don't know from viewing your profile.

You can never be too careful with scammers around!

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