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Rochester's Tuesday Morning store, in the TJ Maxx Plaza, is closing soon. Like in a few days soon.When I checked today the sign said "7 More Days." Back on May 27th, USA Today reported

Tuesday Morning is the latest retailer to file for bankruptcy related to the coronavirus pandemic and announce store closings. After filing Wednesday, the off-price retailer released the first 132 stores of the approximately 230 locations it plans to close this summer. Tuesday Morning sells home decor, bath and body goods, crafts, food, and toys.

I'm really sorry to hear about this store closing because I used to shop there all the time. The best bedding at super low prices. Loved it. 1,000 count Egyptian cotton Queen sheet set for $50? That was my best deal ever there. Everyone I know is sad about it, not just for the bedding, but the decor and gifts.

Credit: James Rabe
Credit: James Rabe

The Rochester Tuesday Morning, on Salem Road just a couple doors down from the TJMaxx entrance, is one of over 60 stores being closed in this round. There are at least 5 stores in the Twin Cities, so if you need your Tuesday Morning fix, you'll have to drive north (or 3 hours south to Ankeny, IA). 

Have you ever wondered why it's called Tuesday Morning? I have, and finally, today, I found out why

In 1974, Tuesday Morning founder Lloyd Ross was working with big-name manufacturers when he had an idea. These big brands always had leftover inventory and nothing to do with it. So Lloyd bought their excess merchandise and decided to host the world’s greatest garage sale in a warehouse in Dallas on a Tuesday morning. Why then? Because he believed it was the first positive part of the week. (Read more here.)


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