Alfonso Ribeiro, or better known as cousin Carlton Banks on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air back in the 1990s. Riberio was doing short interviews with different news stations across the country promoting travel destinations.

WDAY news anchor Amy Unrau was all set up to do an interview with Ribeiro, and when it came time, Ribeiro took a quick jab at Fargo, North Dakota. Check out the video from yourself from Unrau's Facebook Page.

Unrau made it her mission to spread the word of Riberio and what he said. Now, she didn't confront him during the interview because there was a tight window to get it done, but she for sure would like to see a response from Riberio and why he said what he said.

With that said, what is wrong with Fargo, North Dakota? I wouldn't talk smack about any midwestern town until you checked it out for yourself. There is plenty to offer!

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