A Minnesota man set a new record when it comes to a catch and releases northern pike.

Matthew Swanson of Woodbury was fishing on the Rainy River in early May where he reeled in a 45 1/4 inch northern pike, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources said.

The first ever record was set in early October when Maddy Ogg caught and released a 43 1/2 inch northern pike from Mille Lacs, but Swanson's application wasn't received by the Department of Natural Resources until October 29th and it was certified soon after.

Swanson was fishing on an annual trip to Rainy River with his dad and brother. Swanson said that after three days of fishing, only his dad and brother caught large pikes over 30 inches. Taking a hint from his father and using his setup, Swanson took a few casts and then he hooked the big one.

The crew handled the large pike carefully to get a couple of pictures and length measurement before releasing the fish back into Rainy River.

“Because this was to date my first and only pike on a fly, it was a very memorable experience,” Swanson said.

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