Bad news for people who randomly get this jingle stuck in their head before lunchtime:

"Five. Five Dollar Footlong!" That's going to be playing on a nonstop loop in my head for the next 20 minutes. But sadly, the Subway $5 Footlong may be going away - according to the CEO himself.

Subway CEO Trevor Haynes revealed in an interview with USA Today that each Subway store will be allowed to decide whether or not to continue selling the $5 Footlong. It turns out that the infamous sandwich is such a good deal that many Subway restaurants barely eke out a profit - especially in states like California.

So will the Subway $5 Footlong be disappearing from Minnesota? No formal announcements have been made yet, but don't be surprised if it goes away in the near future.

The good news? The restaurant says they'll still be offering more "value options" in different markets. All I can say is, they better come with a catchy jingle!

Source: KARE 11

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