This week's question for 'Survey Said' was: Name a popular Father's Day gift. Here were the Top 8 answers that made the board

  1. Beer/Alcohol
  2. Grill/Grilling Accessories
  3. Gift Cards (restaurants, etc.)
  4. Fishing Gear
  5. Golfing Items (balls, clubs, etc.)
  6. Ties (Really? That's still a big thing?)
  7. Tools
  8. Clothes (T-Shirts)

Other answers that did not make the board:

  • Meat - You can never go wrong with a filet mignon I can tell you that.
  • Those 'Greatest Dad in the World' coffee mugs - How did this not make the board? I mean, who doesn't have one of these. If you just answered yes -- I'm sorry.
  • Family get together for grilling out - Sure, if that grilling out is a brand new grill or smoker for Father's Day.
  • Cologne - Just like a tie, I didn't think this was popular anymore. Unless your dad wears or asks for a specific type.

When it comes to buying gifts for dad, it’s about as easy as buying gifts for...well,  just about anybody else. Especially if you bought many years' worth of gifts for the same person. Sometimes you just start running out of ideas.

Here are two ideas. One of them you can get right now, the other you have to order, so maybe next year. Unless Dad doesn't mind getting the gift a few days later, I know I wouldn't care.

Silicon Ice Cude Tray: Go with the big, square ones. Trust me on this. They're easier to fill and get the cubes out. I got three red ones from Target, and I love them.

Medcursor Massage Gun: I got this awesome gadget this year, and I'm in love with it. Many massage guns are not cheap, but this has a reasonable price on Amazon at $99. It's powerful, quiet, and does the job nicely. It's maybe my favorite Father Day gift ever.

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