This summer marks the sixth summer of Lanesboro Arts' art education program, in which participants can take part in weekly art collaborations and creation.

With that in mind, we all know that summers are busy with family vacations, camps, sports and not to mention just our everyday lives. It would be nice to have a nice relaxing session of painting, right?

Here are seven reasons why your kid should participate:

1) It Helps Your Community

Suprise Sculpture has been a summer staple in Lanesboro for many years, and the popular class utilizes a mixture of recycled materials and fine arts materials! Way cool!

2) They'll Learn Something New

Students in the program learn the ins and outs of sculpting, along with gaining experience in a classroom studio setting!

3) There Is A New Session This Year!

If you have already learned the world of sculpting, there is a new session for youth ages 10-18 called "Open Studio" where participants are invited to use St. Mane Theatre studio space and materials to create their own works of art.

4) The Artwork They'll Create Is Magnificent!

Participants will use all sorts of materials to create many different pieces of art like this recycled political yard sign that was repurposed and patined with poetry and installed along the bike trail last year.

Photo from Kara Maloney
Photo from Kara Maloney

5) Their Experience Will Last A Lifetime

If painting and artwork is something your child loves, there is no reason to not give this a try! The programs serve many different areas of Southeast Minnesota including Lanesboro, Preston, Rushford and many more! They will meet kids from other communities and build relationships and learn to work with new people!

6) There Is No Pressure

Even if art isn't your thing, the instructors will help make you a better artist than you could ever imagine!

7) It Is Free!

If the first six points didn't sell you, this one will FOR SURE! Yes, you read that right, it is all free! What is not to love about this?

If you want more information you can go to the Lanesboro Arts Education website!

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