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Next time you're in a tight spot, look for a snowplow! Twice in the last couple weeks drivers in both Iowa and Wisconsin have stepped up and become heroes with their big snow pushing beasts.

First, we got to West Bend, Wisconsin (about 40 minutes north of Milwaukee). According to WCAX, last Friday, David Gehrke was plowing and saw something near his blade. It was 4 AM and he said "It was snowing, blowing and miserable..."

He's not used to seeing people that early, usually a dog or deer. A closer look and he saw what it really was walking in the below zero temps...5-year-old Maddox Pierce, with no hat, no jacket and no shoes.

He's fine now, thanks to Gehrke, and it turns out he was warm at home, but thought he was alone, so headed to grandmas.


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Second, in Des Moines, Iowa, a local woman was in labor and called the city. She was snowed in and couldn't get out.

According to KCCI, Alejandra Alvarez took the call. "She called in and said she was going into labor, and she was wondering if she could get a plow truck to go down her street."

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The call went out to the drivers and one stepped up and made a pass down her street, then another plow showed up and made another pass, and salted the street to make sure it was safe. A healthy baby and happy mama are super thankful for the plow drivers.

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