Hoping to order something and have it before Christmas? You probably should have ordered it yesterday. All jokes aside, it might be significantly more difficult getting packages delivered this year thanks to the pandemic causing a huge influx in online shopping.

Normally, with some first-class or priority deliveries, you can wait up until the 23rd of December. This year, that will not be the case. At least not according to one expert. 

"UPS and the US Postal Service insist that they're working with customers to handle the influx of packages, including adding more temporary staff and increasing Saturday and Sunday deliveries. But experts who track shipping capacity say that shippers -- those who send out the packages -- will still run into capacity bottlenecks. There's no way the parcel carriers are equipped to handle it." - Hannah Testani, chief operating officer of Intelligent, tells CNN Business.

So, just how soon should we be ordering? Testani says before December 1st. Yikes.

Other experts like Easyship.com say you have a little more time, even up to just days before Christmas in some cases.


Regardless of your plans, fortunately, it sounds like the sales are all happening in the month of November in lieu of a traditional Black Friday anyway. So, rather safe than sorry - Am I right? Happy shopping!

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