I thought I knew what a Man Cave was but just to be sure I did a search on the internet. The ones I saw were much too extravagant for a simple guy like me. More up my line would be a shop in the machine shed, garage, feed mill, local coop, or maybe the table at the elevator? I am pretty sure a lot of other farmers would be more comfortable with those places where they could meet and talk with other farmers to call their Man Cave?

I received a news release email from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture called Men's Sheds Offer Activity and Friendships for Seniors. Men's Sheds is an international organization that provides "a way to help senior men share their talents, foster friendships, reduce isolation and loneliness, and improve their health and well-being." Men's Sheds "have taken rural communities in other countries by storm and is spreading to Minnesota."

"We know it's important for retires and semi-retired men to stay occupied, but sometimes they can find it hard to make social connections," said Minnesota Commissioner of Agriculture Thom Peterson. "Men's Sheds are a chance to get out and do fun and interesting things with other guys."

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture will be hosting a free online webinar on Zoom for anyone that would be interested in finding out more about Men's Shed. The webinar will be on Wednesday July 21, 2020  at 9:00 am. Register here to receive the free Zoom link.

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