Have you ever found something and wondered, is this right?  I heard about a shirt at a local store that a mom was talking about on Facebook.  It is hard to know what is real or fake on social media and so I went on a hunt to see if it was true.  I had a picture and my own determination and that was all I needed.  The hunt was on.

I got to the store on Sunday afternoon and immediately grabbed a cart to make it look like I was a normal shopper.  I looked in the women's department first and searched every rack.  Twice.  Nothing.  I was stumped and almost gave up and realized...the shirt I was looking for wasn't for adults, it was for kids!

The search continued.

I almost gave up but then I turned the corner and BAM!...there it was.  I couldn't believe I actually found it but I was more shocked that this was actually real and for sale.  It seems like it is missing something...but I could just be old and not understand kids these days.  ;)

Check out the shirt below.  Do you see anything wrong with it?  Better question...would you buy this shirt?

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