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It is a dream of a lifetime...winning a car!  That was the reality for Haley Bridges, an employee at the Chick-fil-A store in Appleton, Wisconsin.  What she did next with that car will leave you speechless...and show you that there truly are amazingly good people in this world.

The magic happened at a holiday party for all the employees at the Appleton, Wisconsin Chick-fil-A location.  During the festivities, Haley won the raffle where the winning prize was a gorgeous, white car - complete with the big red bow.  She already has a car to get to work but one of her co-workers, Hokule'a Taniguchi had been making the trek to work in the cold, Wisconsin weather on her bike.  Haley wanted her co-worker to get to work safely and so, she did what any hero would do, she gave the car to her co-worker.

Chick-fil-A Appleton shared about the exciting night and gift of gratitude on their Facebook page:

This past weekend we had our Christmas Party, to celebrate all of our team’s hard work in 2020! 🎄 It was filled with good food, games, the annual raffle, and even better company. 🎉

Seeing our team care for each other was our favorite highlight... We were able to give away A CAR this year! Haley won the car, but immediately decided to give it to Hokule’a so she doesn’t have to bike to work anymore! 🚗❤️


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Thanks to WFRV for cathing this good news in Wisconsin!

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