Yes, we know. Winters in Minnesota can be absolutely brutal, but teachers should be flocking to Minnesota in the winter!

Why should they be coming to Minnesota? Because Minnesota is one of the three best states for a teacher to work!

In the latest study from WalletHub,  Minnesota is the 3rd best place for teachers to work and live. When it comes down to the dollars, Minnesota is 23rd in average starting salary, and 14th in average salary. Not to mention, Minnesota is 7th in quality of school system.

This bodes well for Minnesotans, as being an attractive place for teachers to work only help get great teachers to the state. Although the dreaded winters may keep some people away, the experience that Minnesota schools give a great environment for those who mold the minds of our youth. Also, you get time off during the three best months off during the best time of the year in the state.

North Dakota came in at number 5, Wisconsin was 16th, Iowa 20th and South Dakota came in at number 35.

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