In the middle of winter, with the wind blowing 40 mph, I often ask myself, why do I live where the wind hurts my face?

Well, I saw this viral video yesterday, that gave me reason no. 137 why I live in  Southeast Minnesota. Besides having four beautiful seasons, being able to do different outdoor activities in each one, the people and many other fantastic reasons to live in Minnesota, this giant alligator is another reason.

They caught him on tape walking through the marsh, and boy was he HUGE!

This alligator was found in Lakeland, Florida, according to ABC News, and the locals have gave the name "Humpback" to the alligator. "Humpback"  is basically a dinosaur. How these people have the guts to get this on tape? I will never know. What I do know: I would be running the other direction, probably as fast as I have ever ran.

On a positive note, if I were running away, the wind wouldn't be hurting my face.

This thing is huge, and it lets me sleep at night knowing that I will have to wake up with this alligator in my backyard.

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