Wow, gas prices have changed SO much! When I was born it was under $1 for a gallon of gas. I'd gladly take those prices again please!! Let's take a stroll down memory lane:

We will start with the year my mom was born - 1969. In 1969, gas prices were just $.33 a gallon. Oh my lanta, could you imagine?  Less than $5 to fill up the tank, yes please.

Gas prices stayed low in the 70's, slowly rising every year and reaching $.50 by 1975. By 1979, it was all the way up to .$88 a gallon.

It reached $1 in the 80's, getting all the way up to $1.35 by 1981. It did dip down again, and was just $.96 a gallon when I was born in 1988.

The 90's shared a similar pattern as the 80's, staying just above $1.

Then the 2000's happened... 2005 was the first time gas prices reached $2. In just 3 years, prices went up over a dollar. In 2008, gas prices reached that $3 mark. It's been a pretty steady roller coaster ride going up and down between $2 and $3 since then.

The highest gas has ever been was in 2012 when it was over $3.70 a gallon. Gag, I actually remember that. It was brutal.

What is the lowest price you remember?

To see what the gas price was the year you were born, click here.


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