The 13th Puppy Bowl is on Animal Planet, I am really not sure what took me so long to watch it. I was sitting at my girl friend's house and they were watching a show called "The Puppy Bowl. Where are they now?"

I couldn't believe this was even a television show, but I decided to take watch it anyway. Oh my. Those puppies are way too cute.

I still don't understand the point of the the entire thing. Do you just watch puppies run around for an hour? I guess so. Either way, it is a pretty big deal, and it pretty entertaining. Also, it is a way for the puppies who are up for adoption, to be showcased, according to a article from Vox. It is a huge platform for them, and that is awesome!

Animal Planet has even put together highlights of some of the best performances in Puppy Bowl history.

A lot of the puppies in the puppy bowl are up for adoption, or were adopted by a family before they make it to the big stage. Kudos to everyone involved as adopting these puppies is huge!

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