We are just about two weeks away from Valentine's Day, which means there is a lot of love in the air. Some of the most common gifts given on Valentine's Day are jewelry, flowers and of course candy.  Have you ever wondered what the most popular Valentine's Day candies are in Minnesota and Wisconsin? Well, we have the answer for you thanks to CandyStore.com.

Minnesota's most popular candy might be shocking to you. This website says that in the land of ten thousand lakes, we tend to love those conversation hearts. Some of those sayings are super fun so I can see why they are so popular. Coming in second... Cupid Corn, which is Valentine's version of candy corn. Finally, the third most popular candy is heart-shaped chocolate boxes. So if your country cutie lives in Minnesota you might want to get them one of these options.

Now let's shift gears and look at Wisconsin... the dairy state... so maybe chocolate is more popular here? Well, that statement is true. The most popular candy in Wisconsin is Hershey Kisses. In case you didn't believe this is the most popular candy, the website says around 39,000 pounds are sold for Valentine's Day. Next on the list... those conversation hearts. Folks in the North must really love these funny sayings. Last on the list is the Ghiradelli Gift baskets, which is some pretty good chocolate.

So if you have no idea what kind of candy to get your sweetie this year, you might not go wrong with one of these options. Some of us are unattached this Valentine's day. We have some ideas on how you can have an amazing Valentine's Day as a single person. 

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