It is the top tier of baseball in the world, yet nobody can remember what the count is. How is that even possible?

The first time I saw it, I really could not believe it. I mean, this is Major League Baseball after all. There are also 20 people in each dugout, 11 players on the field and four umpires. Yet, none of them know the count? Ridiculous!

It happened in LA of all places when Ian Kisnler ran the count full before watching the fourth ball go by him. Nobody realized it was the fourth ball, and then he proceeded to strikeout to end the inning. Yeah, talk about bad luck. Check it out here from

I have no idea how this even happened. It would be way more believable if it was happening in Little League, but not in the Majors. Yet they still wonder why the games take too long??  Apparently, it is because the umpires don't know the rules.

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