Ever thought you did something wrong

Well, most everyone can say yes to this.  But who would have thought a few of these Minnesota laws would exist.

Onlyinyourstate.com compiled a list of very odd Minnesota laws that I knew would make you scratch your head a little.

There is a law that states----It is illegal to drive your car in neutral in Minnesota.  All those times you coasted down a hill to save on gas......yeah you cant do that

There is this one, kind of hurts a little bit.  In St. Cloud, you can not eat hamburgers on Sunday.  Imagine if that was actually enforced.  No burgers on Sunday.  Football, HELLO. But throw some cheese on it, would it be legal?  Taking away our ability to by beer on Sunday was rough enough, don't take away the beef.

I'll end the shortened list with this one.  Just remember you can head over to onlyinyourstate.com to view all the strange laws.

In Minnesota, it is illegal to import or export live skunks.....no exceptions.  This one I actually scratched my head on.  Number 1, if you want to get close enough to a skunk to catch it, you might want to rethink what you are doing.  Most laws are made because it has been done before, so I would imagine there was an import/export trade on skunks. No matter how much you get for a skunk, I will take a pass on that one.

Be sure to look through the entire list on onlyinyourstate.com, and see if you have broken one or two of Minnesota's Strange Laws.