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Have you ever noticed weird habits that people seem to have at the grocery stores?  Like, that dude that just ate a grape?  Or you saw the person that really does squeeze the toilet paper?

I don't go to the store very often due to COVID-19 but sometimes I need coffee or an essential item at the grocery store so I mask up, have a bottle of hand sanitzer in my pocket and head out on my adventure during a pandemic.  The last few times I've been out and waiting for my turn to order or checkout, I realized something...the circle is there, on the floor, but I have never actually stood on one.  Ever.

It wasn't just me though.  There were 5 people in line at the coffee shop and NO ONE was standing on the circles on the floor that were made for us to specifically stand on.  It got me thinking and I started to wonder to myself, "Is this happening at all the stores I'm at?".

Well, while I've been out and about getting my essentials, I've been paying attention to our Minnesota habits. Here's what my "research" has found:

  • Three groceries stores that I've been at in the last two weeks - no adults stood fully on the circles.  Yep, big goose egg on that research.
  • The kids though...they think the stickers are awesome and they jump on the stickers.  They try to spell and say the words that are on the stickers.  Heck, there were a few kids who just sat right down on the circle and waited for their chance to sit on the next circle.  It was like a game and it was actually really adorable to see and made me smile.

So, why aren't we standing on the circles?  I honestly think that our Minnesota Nice is so engrained in us that even during a pandemic, when we are told where to stand to help keep everyone safe, we don't want to offend someone and get too close.

Are you standing on the circles?  Yes - or- No?  Tell me your answer over on my Facebook page, Jessica On The Radio.

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