I never knew the process of making honey, but is it fascinating. Granted, I only watched the final step, but it was very interesting to see how you get the honey off the hive.

Well, after slicing off the wax build up, which is delicious by the way, the hives go into a spinner of some sort. After the four hives are place into their slots, that thing spins, and spins A LOT!

While watching, I was able to take a short video, and you can actually see the honey flying off the hive and into the side of the bucket. It is crazy. The amount of honey that actually flies off the hive is pretty incredible, and it taste fantastic. The process of getting the hives away from the bees doesn't sound nearly has fun and tasty though.

I have the short video below, take a look:

Lucky for me, I know someone who has all the equipment to get some of the best honey out there. Also, I might never, ever, buy honey again, and that is always a plus!

Have you ever made your own honey?

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