Fifty-two years.  Wow.  That's quite a feat for small town radio.  KFIL in Preston first went over the airwaves June 27, 1966.   O.B. Borgen owned KFIL from that time until 1991 when his sons Mike and Jeff  took over.  I was hired by the "Borgen boys" in July 2003, a city girl from Niagara Falls transplanted to Preston.  My co-workers at that time were Bruce Fishbaugher, Janna Vaalemoen, Devon Krueger, Pat Walsh, "Java Joanie" Wissing, Mike Sveen, Bill Bentson, Ann Nichols, Chuck Sargent, Erik Paulson, and Bryan Berg. That was a huge staff!  Our team now consists of Jeff Hare, Luke Lonien, Todd Looney, Eric Shoars, Jessica Willilams and myself, as well as several part-time sports announcers and game time engineers. I have seen a lot of changes in my time here.  I've met a lot of wonderful people, many just over the phone, many more in person, clients, co-workers, friends, listeners.  In March 2004, the Borgens sold KFIL to Cumulus Broadcasting, and in turn, they sold to Townsquare Media in November 2013.  Under Townsquare's leadership, we have seen a lot of improvements in automation, and now, to our building.  Stay tuned for more exciting updates.  Please take a look at some of my favorite photos of my time here.  Happy birthday, KFIL!  Thanks for memories made and many more to come.

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