The University of Minnesota has shown they are willing to spend money on their athletics to get to the next level, and now the Gopher Football Team will be rocking with brand new uniforms.

Uniform hype videos usually don't do much for me, but after the Timberwolves released their new jerseys before the season I started to like them. Now, after watching this Gophers Football Uniform release video, I can't wait for next season! Check it out courtesy of Minnesota Gophers via YouTube.

YESSSSS. How can you not be ready for next season now? P.J Fleck has his boys amped up and ready to go for what will for sure be a better year than last.

Also, they have an oar on their helmets! Those are my favorite! Honestly, these are awesome and will actually come into play with recruiting. I know, who would think that uniforms would come into play? Well, they actually do.

The H.Y.P.P.R. Elite line of uniforms are awesome, so get your oars ready, when fall comes around everyone will be rowing the Gophers' boat!

What do you think of the new look? You can catch the 2018 Gopher season on our sister station, Cool 104!

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