In the heart of Minneapolis on a chilly day in November two Minnesota men set a new Guinness World Record when it came to hockey. Former NHL-er Tom Chorske and Detroit Lakes resident Zach Lamppa broke the previous record of longest ice hockey pass by 10 feet. 

On November 20th Chorske and Lamppa set out onto the perfectly smooth surface of Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis looking to re-write the record books for completing the longest ice hockey pass. The previous record, one half of which Lamppa was apart of, was 894 feet. Putting that number into perspective, that is just under three football fields in length!

According to the Star Tribune, a Guinness representative was on hand for the Nov. 20 effort. The two men were given a few warmup chances to dial in the surface of the ice and to get an idea of how hard Lamppa would have to launch the puck in order to break the record. The Star Tribune stated that all of those warmups didn't come close to the current record.

But when it came time to unleash the official attempt Lamppa reared back and fired a wrist shot that slid for what seemed like forever and cruised past the spray-painted mark on the ice, that was the old record, before coming to a gentle rest on Chorske’s stick at an official distance of 904 feet and 4 inches.

In reality, I didn't even know there was a record for longest ice hockey pass, but when you think about it, there is probably a record for just about anything.

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