I have been hearing and reading in the news that health officials and political leaders are telling citizens to limit travel and any large family gatherings for Thanksgiving due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Retailers are concerned that with limited  gatherings for Thanksgiving they will not have enough small turkeys and will have too many larger turkeys. In a normal year around 46 million turkeys are consumed at Thanksgiving.

I guess if you want a smaller turkey for Thanksgiving maybe you better get it early. On the other hand, what is wrong with a larger turkey than you need? Then you will have lots of leftovers for sandwiches and homemade turkey soup. I am pretty sure you could also freeze some of the turkey for later? The news reports made it sound like this was a huge problem of not having enough of the right size turkeys.

Maybe we should be thankful that we have any turkey at all available for Thanksgiving! Thanks to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved in turkey production and processing we have plenty of turkey. During the "shelter in place" order last spring farmers were planting corn and soybeans to feed livestock for this next year. Turkey producers were in their barns taking care of their turkeys. Truck drivers were delivering feed and hauling the birds to processing plants.

In addition all those employees at processing plants were working so we would have food to eat and turkey for Thanksgiving. Maybe everyone involved in food production, processing, transportation and retail should get a special thank you during Thanksgiving!

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