Preston is full of community, and 2017 was a big year! From B&B Bowl reopening, Trout Days, the Fillmore County Fair, Taste of the Trail and the Fall Expo, Preston was full of fun!


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    B&B Bowl Reopen

    B&B Bowl reopened after a devastating fire on New Years Day 2016. After some remodeling, the B&B has established itself back in the community with a brand new look!

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    Trout Days

    It is hard not to enjoy Trout Days in Preston, even if it was a rainy weekend! I got to broadcast the parade on 103.1 KFIL, which was a blast! So many awesome floats!

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    Fillmore County Fair

    The Fillmore County Fair is one of the many highlights of summer in Southeast Minnesota, in particular Fillmore County. With all of the food vendors, animal showings and much more, the fair is always a week full of treats!

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    Taste of the Trail

    This might be one of the coolest events out there. All the towns along the Root River Trail including Preston, Fountain, Rushford, Harmony and many more! You can ride the trails and see what each town has to offer, or take your vehicle and do some shopping!

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    Preston Fall Expo

    The Preston Fall Expo is a great way to check out everything that Preston has to offer. With wagon rides and a pumpkin fest, it is hard not to love fall in beautiful Southeast Minnesota!

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