You are probably asking yourself "Why do I need a beer, Luke?" Well, let me tell you why...It is National Beer Day, according to THIS post from Time! How fitting that it is on a Friday!

Personally, I have a big fan of beer. Now, my palate may not be as mature as others, and that is O.K. At least for me, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be celebrating.

The question remains, why today? Why April 7th?

Well, back in 1933 President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed a law that made buying, drinking and selling alcohol legal, which was huge because many American people were wanting a fantastic beverage. They were starving for it.

According to the same Time post, the ratification of the 21st amendment, which ended the Prohibition, offically.

Yes, I am telling you that National Beer Day has a reason to drink up, so you best participate!

What is your favorite beer? Will you be celebrating?

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