We've heard so much about athletes "taking a knee" turning the national anthem, I want to share my perspective.To those who claim there is systematic oppression in this country, that is not the case.  Of course we have a dubious history regarding race relations.  That's obvious.  However, we have made tremendous strides in fixing those problems.  Does racism exist?  Sadly, it does and always will.  But our government is not to blame.  Individuals are, and all the programs and laws we have enacted can not change the human heart.  Do people have the right to kneel during the national anthem?  Of course they do!  Freedom is wonderful, but it can be very annoying watching someone you disagree with exercise theirs.  With all its faults, we live in the greatest country in the world.  If we are not free to speak our mind and protest, we lose the most important freedoms.  I am a veteran and believe most other veterans have the same opinion.  If you disagree with someone, shouting is not the solution.  Love and respect are far more effective.

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